WestConnex: The toll road that ate Sydney


The three links below are all worthy of your time. The following SMH WestConnex article is a great read; one that puts the whole debacle into perspective.


Wayne Williamson from the Macquarie Department of Education has made the following request:

“Please find details below for an online survey I am seeking to distribute to all WestConnex community groups. https://limesurvey.mq.edu.au/index.php/965191?lang=en . If possible, can you please forward this email to your members. Thank you in advance for your time and interest in this study. 

Best Regards 

Wayne Williamson [email protected]

This article from the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/mar/18/oil-industry-fossil-fuels-air-pollution-documents highlights the bleak future that faces all inner west residents who live within the fallout zone of any of the unfiltered exhaust stacks.

The NSW Government continues to deny any connection between the unfiltered stacks and the substantial increase in lung cancers experienced over the past 20 or so years from the M5 East stack at Turrella. This harvests and releases exhaust pollution from a twin two lane tunnel just 2.2 klms long! The 37 kilograms/day confirmed by the then RMS is conservatively estimated at 50 metric tonnes per annum.

Figures provided by the South Sydney Area Health Service show an increase in lung cancers of 44% in residents who live downwind of the Turrella plume, while the State average over the period of the study fell by 9%!

The Rozelle stacks will gather exhaust gases from Homebush, Ashfield, Rozelle, Leichhardt, St Peters and Cammeray when all of the tunnels come into service. Based on RMS figures, residents within the fallout zone from the three White Bay exhaust stacks, can expect to ingest cancerous diesel particles smaller than 2.5 pm from these unfiltered stacks, emitted at a rate well in excess of 300 or 400 metric tonnes per year! This is massive when compared to that spewed out from the single Turrella stack.

Berejiklian’s government continues to peddle the outrageous, bald faced lie that Sydney’s plethora of tolled tunnels employ “the world’s best practice” This is demonstrably untrue and is almost certainly criminally negligent!

Atmospheric Air Pollutant Dispersion

During times of extended temperature inversions the volume of polluted and cancer laden air will build up below the inversion layer and will reach staggering life threatening levels in the White Bay valley. The health costs are almost incalculable.

We would all do well to remember that both the ALP and the Coalition at State and Federal levels are wholehearted supporters of these denigrated, outdated, hideously expensive, badly designed, unlined and unfiltered road tunnels. Massive resident protests over the past 5 years have had little impact.

But in a democracy we do have one card left to play – and that’s the one that you place in the ballot box…