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Can you trust either of the major parties???


The Approval and Administration of Commonwealth Funding for the WestConnex Project (Australian National Audit Office Report)

WestConnex audit offers another $17 billion lesson in how not to fund infrastructure

WestConnex: Audit finds project was not properly assessed for Federal funding

WestConnex opposition will only grow in wake of scathing audit report, protesters say

Auditor General's Report means Feb 14 won't be roses for WestConnex

Transurban zooms as new deals loom for CEO Scott Charlton

WestConnex: Richard Moras fed up with workers wrongly identifying his St Peters house to be demolished

Defending Sydney Park against WestConnex – Day 116

Defending Sydney Park against WestConnex – Day 115

Defending Sydney Park – Day 109

Challenging compulsory acquisitions in court


Rat-running to avoid WestConnex tolls in inner-west

Bulldozers poised, WestConnex delivers another insult

WAG/NoW-PT’s Meeting with Premier Mike Baird on WestCONnex 1|12|16

Mike Baird ‘Vandal’ poster (signed by artist Michael Agzarian) on eBay

Unaoil corruption claims tar Leighton Holdings (now CIMIC)’s reputation

Anti-WestConnex rally at Badu Park, Annandale 20|11|16

Jamie Parker speaks at Badu Park, Annandale rally

Anthony Albanese re adverse effects of WestConnex construction upon residents in Haberfield + inadequate government/RMS/SMC response

Ramps ditched, tunnels widened under new design for WestConnex missing link

WestConnex tunnels widened, access ramps scrapped as NSW government changes motorway link plan

Diesel vehicles to face pollution charges after UK government loses case

Our Past, Our Future, My Arrest: Wendy Bacon On Getting Nicked By The Newtown Coppers

No WestConnex – short video by With Direction intercutting City of Sydney animation with live arrest footage

Trailer for Ivan Hexter’s 1-hr doco Tunnel Vision (2016) about how people power + a Labor policy backflip defeated Melbourne’s $18 billion East West Link tollway proposal in late 2014

NSW joins fight against Bob Brown’s anti-protest law challenge

NSW sets net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050 as Australian pollution climbs

There’s never been a better time to protest in the streets

Compulsory acquisition: Sydney Metro accused of ‘unfair pressure tactics’

Jobs in a Clean Energy Future – ACF/ACTU report

Glebe Society’s letter to NSW State Labor MPs Luke Foley, Michael Daly, Jodi McKay and Penny Sharpe re their lack of opposition to WestConnex

Baird government bungle exposes home buyers to road corridors

Interview with Sydney artist Michael Agzarian (who in 2016 created the Mike Baird Vandal poster) re his earlier Hopeless, Fizza, Heartless political posters

WestConnex: What Could Go Wrong? – Australian Financial Review

Baird trashes endangered forest – short video by Gavin Gatenby re WestConnex’s destruction of 1.4 hectares of critically endangered Castlereagh Ironbark Forest at Beverley Grove in Sydney’s south-west.

Lucy-Turnbull-mask protest blocks controversial WestConnex in Haberfield

Is Duncan Gay a Time Lord?

Clean Disruption - Why Conventional Energy & Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030 – Tony Seba @ Nordic Energy Summit, Oslo

Johnston’s Creek Extension: Hope for Residents – short doco by Lucy Hodgkinson-Fisher highlighting how, historically, inner-city communities have successfully saved their neighbourhoods from road projects similar to WestConnex

WestConnex: Greiner’s folly – 3-part short video series by Gavin Gatenby exploring the madness of WestConnex and the lower-cost public transport alternatives that will make Sydney more efficient, liveable and sustainable.


The King Street Crawl – short doco by Gavin Gatenby. In February 2015, 3,000 people marched down King Street from Newtown Station to Sydney Park calling for the scrapping of WestConnex. Incl. speeches by Chris Lego from Reclaim the Streets and UTS transport expert, Dr Michelle Zeibots.

Sydney air pollution exceeds national standards

Environmental Justice: WestConnex and air pollution


Advisory Committee on Tunnel Air Quality releases initial report


World Health Organisation confirms diesel fumes are carcinogenic

Air quality

Outside air quality monitoring

Monitoring NSW air quality by regions

RMS: Tunnel air quality explained

Clean Air Society Australia and New Zealand + 2017 conference

Clean Air for NSW Consultation Paper

Air Emissions in My Community Webtool