The Stench of WCX

I was in St Peters recently picking up some Traffic Jam (a popular line of activist merch which helps fund our swiftly escalating anti-WestConnex campaign here in Rozelle). The stench from WCX’s proposed St Peters interchange site was shocking. Whether it was the stench of good people being trampled, the stench of opaque public/private collusion, the stench of environmental and social vandalism, or the stench of insane fossil-fuelled auto-greed at a time of climate emergency, I couldn’t be sure.

Did you know that WCX’s gargantuan interchange proposals would make St Peters the second largest – and Rozelle the largest – tollway interchanges in the southern hemisphere?

It’s a David and Goliath struggle, which we – channelling Jane Jacobs’ magnificent community defeat of brute capital in 1960s New York – and Sydney, MUST win.

David Watson

Image: Cassi Plate, WestCONnex: NOT HERE, NOT ANYWHERE!, 2017