Standing Woman

In light of the atrocities the NSW government are actioning for the WestConnex project, I decided to do some actioning of my own. Inspired by Erdem Gündüz, Turkey’s “Standing Man” (please see article below) I stood still and silent wearing my Stop WestConnex t-shirt and a painter’s dust mask on Victoria Road near Evans Street (in Rozelle) during rush hour. So far I have only managed to stand for one hour on three days, but my hope is that more people might take up the vigil in their own local area. I thought perhaps that my effort would be overlooked, but the traffic was so slow that most drivers certainly noticed my presence and had varying reactions to it. What I mean to say by this action is: if you see me, you will be effected adversely by WestConnex. Your air will be toxic, your travel time will not have improved, it will cost you everyday in many more ways that the toll alone. I think that the silent and singular action of this protest could be a powerful message to those who think it may be too late to change the plans. We are not alone, we are the people, and the purpose of our government should be to represent the people. If this is not the case, we need to stand together in defiance for what we find important.

Fiona Merz, RAW member