Sensitive Receivers: Rejecting WestCONnex

Sensitive Receivers: Rejecting WestCONnex anti-WCX exhibition in Rozelle… 2 DAYS ONLY!

11am – 5pm  Saturday 13 + Sunday 14 May

Salon Callan    44 Callan Street    Rozelle

In an ex-shopfittings-factory home studio, Sensitive Receivers: Rejecting WestCONnex presents the urgent visual work of 40 Sydney artists and activists + screenings of TUNNEL VISION (Ivan Hexter’s 2016 doco re ‘people power’ defeat of Melbourne’s $18 billion East West Link), BLIGHT (John Smith’s elegy to M11-Link-devastated East London, 1994-6), and CARMAGEDDON (Gavin Gatenby’s exposé of WCX’s decimation of St Peters and Alexandria, 2017)…

Michael Agzarian • Ben Aveling • John Bartholomew • Peter Boyle • Marg Carter • Craig Channels • Andrew Chuter • Denise Corrigan • Poppy Danis • Richard Dudley-Smith • Ros Dunlop • Alan Dunne • Jess Ferrao • Alan Freeman • Tony Fuery • Brian Gorman • Holly Gorman • Lorrie Graham • Anne Greig • Peter Hehir • Pip Hinman • Lucinda Huijer • Paul Jeffery • Vivien Johnson • Janet Kossy • Pauline Lockie • Neil Phillips • Cassi Plate • Margaret Roberts • Corinne Sellers • Adrienne Shilling • Jacqui Sykes • Joel Tarling • Mark Titmarsh • John ‘Toddy’ Todhunter • Gary Warner • David Watson • Alana West • Susan Dorothea White • Cathy Wilcox • Janette Willett • Anon Ymous

Up on Victoria Road in Rozelle (where properties are already being acquired by the RMS) WCX proposes to demolish 27 homes and businesses for a tollway/tunnel no-one needs, nor will be able to afford ($109/week Parramatta to Rozelle).

Spend the $45 billion on public transport!

Original and editioned works, T-shirts, bin stickers for sale.

Refreshments available + your WCX questions answered (for a modest donation!). 

Further info + screening times, ph. 9810 1402. in association with No WestCONnex: Public Transport, Save Ashfield Park, Newtown Residents Against WestCONnex, EcoTransit Sydney, Leichhardt Against WestCONnex, No WestConnex Annandale, Save Newtown Stop WestCONnex, Camperdown Residents Aware of WestConnex, Alexandria Residents’ Action Group, WestConnex Action Group and Inner West Studio Trail

Image: ‘Grand Theft WestCONnex’ Rally, NSW Parliament House, 6 April 2017 (pic – Pip Hinman, white elephants – John Bartholomew)