RAW Protestors Occupy the White Bay Footbridge


Forty anti-WestConnex protestors clad in white overalls and facemasks occupied the footbridge across Victoria Road this morning at White Bay, whilst a giant packet of WestCONnex Unfiltered (complete with dire health warnings) + a couple of white elephants captured motorists’ attention on the footpaths below. A great team effort by RAW, LAW (Leichhardt Against WestConnex), Save Ashfield Park, No WestCONnex Annandale and WAG (WestCONnex Action Group).

The extent of support from motorists passing under the bridge was both surprising and really encouraging, suggesting that WestConnex is not only poison to the residents of the Inner West but also does not sit at all well with those from other parts of Sydney. There is a growing awareness from those in the west that they will be paying heavy tolls just to sit in even longer queues in the tunnels. A Channel Nine News cameraman recorded the protest as did photographers from the print media.

The RAW-organised protest will be staged again on Saturday 4 March from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. If you are really concerned about WestConnex you are most welcome to join us! Just buy a pair of white paper overalls and a paper mask. Our goal is to have 100 residents on the 4th showing all of Sydney that WestConnex can and will be stopped!