Not happy Gladys!

The #FIXTRANSPORTNSW rally was organised as a way for our community to voice their deep concerns over the aggressive privatisation agenda of the NSW government. Whilst the Government sings its praises on community consultation and engagement, nothing could be further from the truth. This rally and, the more that will follow, is the only way left for the community to be heard. Our message is loud and unified. NOT HAPPY GLADYS. In fact, we are outraged over what they have done to public transport in NSW!

Our community are the losers. The privatisation in Newcastle leaves no doubt.

We expect our government to provide 21st century solutions. Mass transit systems designed for commuters to move about our cities without having to resort to driving. Yes, sometimes driving is necessary but it should never be the only feasible option or the one always favoured by a short-sighted Government.  The huge imbalance, the massive overspend to put it bluntly, on private toll roads must be halted and spending on public transport increased to levels commensurate with the level of current usage and to cater for future demand.

Statistics show that only 12% of people use a car to get to work from Western Sydney. So why is it that our Government’s prime solution for that region is a toll road? They will tell us that they are also investing in this and that, but the evidence is crystal clear on this one. There is a complete skewing of funding towards areas of transport that are simply not justified, to the detriment of all of us.

John Lozano