Media release

“The 17th April will be remembered in the history of the Inner West as the day the anti-people NSW Government sold us out. The day that a Minister couldn’t bring himself to put his name to the approval document for Stage 3 of WestConnex, but could only manage an illegible childish scrawl.”

“We only heard about it on Friday although it was signed 10 days prior in secret and kept under wraps. The biggest infrastructure deal in NSW, 9 times the budget of the Snowy scheme and the death warrant is delivered without so much as a whimper.”

“Why? Because it is on the nose. And they know it. It’s toxic. A Ponzi scheme. A house of cards that threatens to topple and bring Berejiklian’s Government crashing down around her ears.”

“To describe it in terms of death is no exaggeration. It is impossible to import 50 tonnes of carcinogenic particulate matter via the four unfiltered exhaust stacks into Rozelle annually and not have people die.”

“To build any underground tollway without filtration is criminal. Berejiklian said as much in parliament when it was proposed by the Labor Party a few years back.”

“Taking toll money from those who can’t afford it in Sydney’s least affluent demographic just so Abbot can get from the north shore to the airport without seeing a traffic light, is a long way from a fair go.”

“Privatising the roads to line the pockets of multinationals is equally abhorrent. Politicians using infrastructure projects as stepping stones to secure their futures with those same companies surely stretches the limits of legality.”

“We vow to press on with our campaigns to encourage Super funds not to invest, to push for filtration if all else fails, to expose the fallacious claims by the RMS that they adopt world’s best practice and their statement that filtration doesn’t work – and to encourage the Labor Party to not only continue their anti-toll campaign but to also come out strongly in opposition to both Stages 3 and 4.”

“A world class public transport system is not just a solution. It is the only solution to our traffic chaos.”

Peter Hehir

Convenor RAW

Rozelle Against WestConnex

0424 067 250