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It’s been a hectic and successful few weeks in the campaign against WestCONnex and we thought you might have time in this holiday break to read this update on our recent activities.

Dive Site Dumped

After months of local drill pickets and intense community organising, Leichhardt Against WestCONnex were successful in getting Sydney Motorway Corporation to rule out a mid-point tunneling dive site next to Leichhardt High School. The P&C held a rally which vowed to continue the campaign against the other, equally inappropriate dive site on Darley Rd.

Inner West Courier story

SMH story on Darley Rd site

Camperdown Activated

Camperdown Residents Aware of WestCONnex held an important meeting to inform locals about another proposed dive site in their neighbourhood. This site is next to a school and in a densely populated residential area of terraces and apartments. Prof James Weirick of UNSW talked about an alternative public transport vision that involved converting WestCONnex tunnels into a high capacity metro train line.

Altmedia story

Prof Weirick’s talk

Online petition opposed to the Camperdown Dive Site

David Kirby QC Speaks Out

David Kirby was a former NSW Supreme Court judge who presided over two road inquiries. One of these concluded, that as far as practicable, freight should be railed out of Port Botany, not trucked. His views are widely respected among planners. Last week, he wrote an editorial for the SMH about the Berejiklian government’s announcement of WestConnex extensions to Sydney’s north shore, saying, “the people of Warringah should not be beguiled into thinking that the proposed road will eradicate or significantly ameliorate congestion at peak times. Rather, it is likely that congestion will remain more or less as it is today.”

Before tunnelling, ask the public and consider public transport – SMH

David Kirby: New roads will not eradicate peak-hour congestion

Video of Conversation Between David Kirby, Prof Weirick and Terry Lee-Williams

Grand Theft WestCONnex rally

This rally saw the coming together of a dozen anti-westCONnex groups to raise key demands at state parliament – NOT ANOTHER CENT and NO NEW TOLLS. The financial focus was sharpened after the Australian National Audit Office showed that taxpayers money is being misspent on this toxic toll road. It featured speakers from Labor, the Greens, the Clover Moore Team in the City of Sydney and Unions NSW.

Clover Moore team video of rally

Video of rally

Photos of rally

Grand Theft WestCONnex story in GLW

Western Sydney Tolls Anger Grows

The NSW road tolls inquiry held a session in Penrith where we spoke alongside Western Sydney mayors direct to upper house MPs about the unfairness of hefty new road tolls on currently free roads whilst public transport investment is being overlooked. It was covered in the prime time news and western Sydney local newspapers.

7 News story

9 News story

Labor No Toll on the M4 campaign video

Stop WestCONnex fundraiser success

Thanks to everyone who joined the packed & entertaining fund raising event at the New Theatre, Newtown. The event showed the communities ongoing opposition and resolve to fight on against WestCONnex by whatever means open to them. Key speakers were Elizabeth Farrelly and Wendy Bacon. Thanks must also go to the many local businesses that donated prizes.

Photos of the fundraiser

Damaging Stories Pile Up

Hardly a day goes by without WestCONnex being the direct subject of a negative story in the media, or related stories appearing that show the folly of our government’s huge support for urban tollroads at the expense of fast, efficient public transport. Watch out for a special Radio National Background Briefing report on WestCONnex to be broadcast on Sunday 14 May at 8am.

Why were WestConnex contractors chosen to provide independent advice on Westconnex loan? – Wendy Bacon

F6 planners told to ignore public transport, build roads – SMH

Google pulls out of Bays Precinct, delivering blow to NSW government

WestConnex: Road to a bitterly disputed future

So as you can see our campaign goes from strength to strength, but we must keep growing and spreading our message. There are still many people who have never heard of the WestCONnex toll road or have no idea how bad it is. If you could do one thing right now and just share this email with a couple of friends that would be a big help.

Anybody can sign up for these regular email updates by going to westconnex.info. Alternatively you can follow us on facebook or twitter. We will soon be sending out an email asking for donations for a special edition western Sydney focussed newspaper, so please look out for that.


Andrew Chuter

Co-convenor | No WestConnex: Public Transport

PS Late final extra!

Total cost of WestCONnex, including extensions revealed as $45 billion. Article in today’s SMH.

NoWestConnex: Public Transport


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