DisConnex: Reframing Resistance – exhibition invitation

[via NoW-PT 25 June 2017]

You’re invited to the Opening… 6pm – 8pm Wed 28 June… of a very special exhibition…

DisConnex: Reframing Resistance at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown, 28 June – 9 July 2017

This group exhibition will showcase salvaged heritage items from homes destroyed due to WestCONnex. It will also feature films, photographs, placards and costumes that creatively challenge the displacement caused to communities across Sydney by the spreading network of tollways.

Exhibiting Artists are:
Helen Grace, Rene Vogelzang, Russ Hermann, Janet Kossy, John Bartholomew, Chris Elenor, Andrew Chuter, Pip Hinman, Raj Suri, Joel Tarling, Gavin Gatenby, Rozelle Book Club, Jacqui Sykes and Lynn Stanton – practitioners who are also community activists against westCONnex.

Their creative expression has found outlets through film, photography, costume design, performance, paintings, text, sculptural and constructed work.

Cynthia Moore, one of the organisers of the exhibition writes:

“The works stem from a social movement opposing westCONnex that is bringing destruction to parts of Sydney, causing suffering and trauma to the community.

The exhibition seeks to explore the creative means being developed by artists resisting westCONnex destruction, and to imagine a more equitable city and community.

Some of the pieces planned for the exhibition have been integral to protests and demonstrations by affected residents. For example, residents are making bids for community heritage items salvaged during the demolition process. These represent new ‘icons’ that may become part of creative protests. This ‘repurposing’ of objects emphasises the creative means through which community activists are approaching the destruction of heritage.

While there are several well-established artists who are documenting the havoc that is created by westCONnex, others are residents who have found a medium for their resistance. The dialogue between artists and activists is producing a new language of creative expression that has its output in imaginative performances, some of which will feature in the exhibition.”

DisConnex: Reframing Resistance is at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock St Camperdown from Wednesday 28 June until Sunday 9 July, 11am-4pm Thursdays – Sundays.

Opening night is Wednesday 28 June, 6-8pm.

Event page: www.bit.do/disconnex

When you come to the DisConnex opening night, we’d love you to bring a placard to decorate the fence right next to the gallery. You can leave it for the two weeks of the exhibition, or take it home with you that night. Please join us and tell us what you think of WestCONnex. Prizes for the wittiest ones.