ACTION - Burt St & Lilyfield Rd, Rozelle,Sydney - 7 November 2016
ACTION – Burt St and Lilyfield Rd, Rozelle, Sydney – 7 November 2016

What is Rozelle Against Westconnex (RAW) ?

RAW formed in April 2016 to oppose WestConnex’s mooted destruction of Easton Park and a swathe of adjoining Rozelle homes.

Rozelle Against WestConnex (RAW) is a local community-based resident action group dedicated to filtering the WestConnex exhaust stacks. It exists primarily to protect the community and our environment from the ravages of WestConnex, and to fight to preserve our existing amenity. The unfiltered exhaust stacks near Terry Street would spew carcinogenic pollution across hundreds of homes and compromise the hugely popular Bay Run.

RAW also opposes the unfiltered exhaust stacks connected to the WestConnex’s Iron Cove Link tunnel beneath Darling Street and the recently approved Western Harbour Tunnel.

There’s never been a better time to protest in the streets!

Elizabeth Farrelly, SMH  29 October 2016

RAW is a non-political alliance of over 840 concerned and impacted residents. Membership is free, and there are all sorts of ways you might like to become involved … see What Can You Do?